SOE Tour Dates & Tickets (2018)


Backstage Theatre, Mar 15, 8pm                                      Box Office: +353 (0) 43 334 7888 | Book now 



Project Arts Centre (Space Upstairs) | Mar 22-24, 7.30pm           Box Office: +353 (0) 1 881 9613 | Book now



Siamsa Tire, Mar 25, 8pm                                              Box Office: +353 (0) 66 712 3055 |  Book now



Firkin Crane Theatre  April 13th, 8pm                                  Box Office: +353 (0) 21 450 7487 | Book now


DL Fina State of Exception


DL Back



State of Exception (Photos)

Photos: Luca Truffarelli


State of Exception (2018)

What affects one directly, affects all indirectly" - Martin Luther King 

Inspired by the experience of making work with refugees, asylum seekers and a journey to the Middle East, Young’s new work State of Exception takes us right to the heart of the necessity to reach across, connect and challenge the divides created by the State of Exception, to act, to make and to find home in the common that binds us all.

This powerful new dance, featuring a cast of outstanding Irish and international performers delves into the world of ‘the other’ to try understand and tear down the walls and borders that divide.

Supported by: Arts Council, Project, Dub City Council, Backstage Theatre, Shawbrook, Longford County Council, Kerry County Council, Dance Limerick, Dance Ireland, Firkin Crane.





Ultima Thule (Trailer)



Ultima Thule (Photos)

Photos: Luca Truffarelli



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