Ultima Thule (Pre show trailer)



UT Tour Dates & Tickets (2016)



Firkin Crane Theatre  April 9th, 8pm                                    Box Office: +353 (0) 21 450 7487| Book now


Project Arts Centre (Space Upstairs) | April 14th-16th, 8pm          Box Office: +353 (0) 1 881 9613 | Book now


DL Catherine Final front 



DL Catherine Final 1




UT Rehearsals (Photos)

A sneak peak at our rehearsals for Ultima Thule at DanceHouse, Dublin

Photos: Luca Truffarelli



Shawbrook Residency (rehearsal footage)

A look inside the rehearsal room during our two week residency at the wonderful Shawbrook.








Woman Stood Regardless (Trailer)


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