Siamsa Tire Residency (Feb 2014)

[Photos: Rhiannon McNulty]


Dee Keogh from NEKD, who originally brought me in to work with the women, came into day to watch a rehearsal. It made me curious as to how the women will receive the work. WSR was originally a writing project with the women responding to the the words 'Woman Stood Regardless' through the creation of the monologue series. My own work tends to be more non-narrative in nature so with this work I wanted to use the women's stories as a point of departure, as inspiration, but to leave the work open enough to allow the viewer to find their own way in. I wanted to explore the feeling states and areas myself and the women spend many hours discussing but not turn it into a specific narrative.  That is the beauty of dance, language and narrative can be limited but for me, movement allows for a lot more space and ways of seeing. Dee has agreed to write a blog to share where all this started which is great.

 Some insights into rehearsals - part 1 (space & theme)


Some insights into rehearsals - part 2 (dancers & bodies)