Catherine Young creates thoughtful, engaging work, which aims to inspire and connect with the viewer. Her work to date, span the range from her own solo work to large ensemble works created on her companies CYD and Kerry Youth Dance Theatre. 

Catherine's work reflects what she is questioning in life and often articulates that delicate balance between life's struggle and its beauty with movement verging from the delicate to primal. Having travelled much and taken in many dance styles and movement techniques, she has found her own personal lexicon of movement that has a distinct african and yogic flavor with a keen sense of physicality.

As a choreographer, Catherine is highly attentive to her dancers, their stories and their own particular way of moving, meeting them midway between her story to create pieces that have the power to touch the universal in us all. Her sensitivity to music and its ability to deepen the work is reflected in her choreography, with original scores being created for the majority of her works to date.