The river ill still run to the sea (2015)

ensemble / CYD & Collaborators (20 mins)


"What unfolds is actually a touching image of co-habitation...Young’s choreography is gentle and filled with allusions of a changing social landscape, but it appropriately prefers abstraction towards the end when it makes its shapes outside on the riverfront. Despite interruptions, the unquantifiable river will still run to the sea."

Chris McCormack (Musings in Intermissions)Chris McCormack (Musings in Intermissions)

“She who may be described a handsome woman witnesses the city shed another skin. Not for the first time, it presents a new visage, an unfamiliar interface, although not entirely changed. The old skin peels away and part of it feels like death for the City has been here long before her and will be there long after her, for the River Still Runs to the Sea. Stone makes way for glass & glass a transparency that makes none clearer the swift and endless flow which carries us towards what will ultimately come to pass..."

The River Still Runs to the Sea is a site specific collaborative work by choreographer Catherine Young & a number of her collaborators from the Next Stage 2014 set in the former headquarters of the Dublin Docklands Development Authority. The piece looks at the changing nature of the different worlds ensconced in the Dublin Docklands framing the docklands in parallels, juxtaposing class divides, emerging worlds, and one unchanging & unchangeable part of the city, the river.


the team
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Catherine Young
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Sound Design

Fiona Sheil
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Steve Blount, Kevin Coquelard, Conor Donelan, Ivonne Kalter & Anna Kaszuba. With additional creative input from Philip Doherty & Emily Aoibheann.

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Lighting Design

Eoin Winning

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Dublin Docklands, Mind Your Step Festival, March 7 & 8, 2015

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Supported By:

Dance Ireland