Rootless Belonging (2006)

ensemble (45 mins)

“Rootless Belonging” explores ideas and feelings around roots and where one belongs. Do we have to have roots in a culture in order to belong to it or can we feel completely at home in another’s culture? Dance – which takes place in time and space allows a dancer to belong in that moment. There is a sense of being ‘rooted’, belonging – no matter what the culture, creed or language, it levels the playing field.

the team
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Catherine Young
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Joanne Barry, Fanny Binder, Michelle Flannery, Adrienne Heaslip, Kate Hunter, Jackie O’Mahony, Michelle Murphy, Natalie Russell, Lorna Tyther, Catherine Young
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Original Music

Fergal O’Connor, Martin Schaerer & Urs Wenk

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Lighting Design

Tim Feehily

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Siamsa Tire (2006)