Body Count (2008)

ensemble / KYDT (15 mins)

War, famine, natural disasters – mass body count: Reality
...Switch channels...
“Big Brother”, “The Real World”.. Reality?

Body Count looks at the notion of ‘reality’ and questions when confronted with reality, do we prefer to switch channels, block out what is actually happening in the world in favor of ‘reality’ TV – ‘The Real World’?

the team 

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Catherine Young
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Original Music Score

Ryan Langley
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Liam Fox, Hugh Gudgeon, Charlotte Frotscher, Johan Jonker, Sinead Kruis, Mara Muller-Tolk, Kelsea O’Brien, Manus O’Dowda, Lisa O’Shea, Eilise Sullivan, Daniel Quinn

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Lighting Design

Jimmy McDonnell

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Siamsa Tire 2008, Pavillion Theatre 2009, Wexford Opera House (2009), Siamsa Tire 2010

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Supported By:

Kerry County Council